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App Insights provides cost, cluster and application insights for workloads running on Kubernetes.

Randoli’s App Insights gives platform and development teams the ability to gain insight into application availability, cost and resource utilization. App Insights also surfaces deploy and runtime issues and provides detailed steps on how to investigate or remediate issues that have occurred, helping reduce the Kubernetes skill gap.

  App Insights Benefits:

  • Optimize Your Cost - Understand your utilization vs. spend for each workload and identify potential savings through rightsizing
  • View Cost Breakdown - View cost breakdowns by workloads, namespaces and cost group at the cluster level. View breakdowns by applications and cost groups across all your clusters
  • Simplify Kubernetes - Easily understand Kubernetes errors and events then view clear steps to investigate or remediate issues
  • Cluster Insights - View insights into your clusters that help you correlate errors and events for faster root cause analysis
  • Application Insights - View application insights to gain an understanding of how events impact your application behaviour