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Welcome to the Randoli App Insights Platform - Get started in 3 easy steps

Congretulations :clap you installed an agent and connected the first cluster to the platform - Congratulations 🔥

Once the agent is connected, within a few secs it will start to discover your workloads. From there onwards, you can start to experience the benefits of the platform 🚀

Here are some high lights that you can experience in the first 48 hrs.

⚡ Troubleshooting

  • ✅ Discover any issues associated with your workloads
  • ✅ Discover best practices violations and CVEs associated with your workloads

💡 Cost Optimizations

  • ✅ Discover right sizing suggestions after 24 hrs
  • ✅ Discover a breakdown of your cluster costs by workloads & namespaces after 24 hrs